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Parental Involvement Plan

Luverne School is committed to the goal of providing a quality education for every child in the system.

Research has proven that when schools and parents form strong partnerships, all children's potential for

academic success improves significantly. In accordance with the Elementary and Secondary Education

Act, Title I Part A, Section 1118, all parent involvement programs, activities and procedures will be

planned and implemented using meaningful consultation with parents of participating children and follow

all requirements of the Title I regulations. Luverne School has established objectives, programs,

strategies, and activities that enhance parent involvement and reflect the specific needs of students and

their families.

Luverne School will involve parents in the development of Title I School-Wide Plans at each school, in

the development of the Federal Programs Consolidated Plan, and in the process of school review and

improvement if and when a school is identified for Title I school improvement. Luverne School also

supports the development, implementation, and evaluation of a parent involvement plan throughout our

school, which will involve parents at all grade levels in a variety of roles.

Although most objectives, strategies, and activities are planned at the local schools, others are

addressed system-wide. Luverne School will collaborate with the central office to provide coordination of

funding, technical assistance and other support necessary to assist in planning and implementing effective

parental involvement. Representatives from Luverne School will: (1) work closely with the school's

parent involvement committees, the faculty and staff, and the school's Title I School-Wide Committee to

ensure that local, state and federal guidelines are addressed; (2) schedule ongoing in-service sessions to

educate teachers and support personnel on methods, strategies, and activities to improve parental

involvement; (3) work cooperatively with community agencies and businesses in order to form

partnerships which will encourage parental involvement and services to families; (4) provide parenting

education classes, family literacy classes, workshops, and professional training for parents; (5) provide

parent materials, supplies, and curriculum; and (6) provide a system-wide committee of parents, teachers,

and administrators to guide Luverne School's overall parental involvement efforts. The parent

involvement program will be comprehensive and collaborative in nature and will include, but not be

limited to, the following objectives:

A. Provide opportunities for all parents to become involved in decision-making process about how the

parent/family involvement programs will be designed, implemented, evaluated, and revised;

B. Promote activities and programs for families to become involved in how the parent/family involvement

programs will be designed, implemented, evaluated and revised; educational process in order to provide

academic assistance at home and at school;

C. Promote and support parenting skill instruction;

D. Utilize a variety of communication tools on a regular basis to facilitate effective home/school


E. Link parents to programs and resources within the community that provide services to the families;

F. Provide professional development and in-service for teachers and staff to enhance their effectiveness

with parents;

G. Disseminate information on discipline procedures, assessments, school reforms, safety, curriculum,

policy, etc. to parents in a timely manner;

H. Support administrative leadership in setting expectations and creating a climate conducive to parental


I. Support involvement of parents of children at all ages and grade levels;

J. Recognize diverse family structures, circumstances and responsibilities, including cultural differences,

and work to eliminate barriers that hinder participation in parent/family involvement programs;

K. Assess the effectiveness of parental participation activities, strategies, programs, and policy, and

parenting education classes in the improvement of schools, and;

L. Report and use evaluation findings to revise the school-level parent involvement and

plans and the system-wide parent involvement policy in order to effectively improve student academic

achievement, the social and emotional welfare of students, and the school's educational environment.

Parental involvement at Luverne School will also be encouraged during Open House, Parents' Day and

Grandparents' Day. The following activities and others will be utilized to

provide parental involvement in the system: parent surveys, parent compacts, discussion groups,

parent newsletters, parenting classes, home visits, Statewide Parenting Day, "make and take"

workshops, PTA meetings, parent/teacher conferences, timely notification to parents of students

who are experiencing difficulties, volunteer programs, and Parent Resource Center.

Prospective students and parents will be given an opportunity to visit our school before enrollment.

Students and parents will be assisted in making a transition from preschool to kindergarten, elementary to

middle, or middle to high school by being invited to attend activities including: 1) tour of the school, (2)

orientation programs, (3) PTA Open House, (4) special programs, (5) workshops, and (6) a summer

program for preschool students and their parents for transitional activities at the elementary school. The

system works closely with our countywide Head Start Program, and a great amount of collaboration

exists between Early Intervention, Kindergarten, and Head Start Programs.

Presently, there are no identified neglected or delinquent children, homeless or immigrant students who

reside within Luverne School. Should any of these programs become needed, parental involvement

activities will be coordinated and integrated with other educational services at Luverne School.  A plan

has been developed and services are ready to be provided and coordinated through the office of the

Supplementary Services Coordinator.

It is the position of Luverne School that all persons will be afforded equal access or participation on the

basis of selection criteria included in the law. This includes gender, race, religion, national origin/ethic

group, color, disability, or age. Beyond those types, Luverne School assures that all parents will be given

equal access to parental involvement programs. Any instance to the contrary will be thoroughly

investigated by the administrators and resolved in a timely manner to the advantage of any qualifying

person. Luverne School acknowledges that involving parents is essential to improving student

achievement and will work to foster and actively support parental involvement.

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